Nobleza suspension bridge game


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­čÉ╣Colorful: Painted with edible dyes, your pet can eat in peace. Brilliant colors can also add to the decor of the cage.
­čÉ╣Applicable objects: Pet ladder toys are suitable for small rodents such as hamsters, mice, Syrian hamsters, dwarf hamsters, gerbils, etc.
­čÉ╣ Hanging bridge for hamsters: The perfect decoration of the habitat theme, stimulates the movement of the hamster, improves coordination and balance when walking, and satisfies the hamster’s desire to climb and explore. Leave some treats or seeds on the deck to guide the hamster to find food.
­čÉ╣Chewable and easy to assemble: Small animals instinctively need to chew, this hardwood toy is durable and chews well, perfect for teeth trimming.


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