AYIYUN Chewing Toys and Dental Care


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Bunny toys for bunnies: Bunny toys include vine wreaths, timothy hay cakes, rattan, loofah slice, grass carrot, walnut, pomegranate husk corn. Suitable for rabbits, chinchillas, hamsters, guinea pigs, gerbils, rats and other small pets, also for all types of chewing birds.
Rabbit Cage Hanging Toys: Hanging toys can easily arouse pets’ interest. Multi-colored toys can make a rabbit more curious about their surroundings, they can also distract and help prevent pets from chewing on cages or other furniture.
SAFE AND NATURAL MATERIAL: 100% pet-safe toys help enrich your guinea pig’s life with interactive play and chewing fun.
More fun for your pets: small animals have constantly growing teeth, rodents have to grind their teeth. Twigs also have other health benefits other than dental care, bunny chew toys give your little cuties a chance to play and practice.
Pet rabbit toys are made from natural willow twigs, perfect for nibbling your pet’s teeth at a healthy length. Twig balls, apple sticks and natural hay toys are often favorites of pet rabbits. Timothy hay provides coarse fiber which is good for digestion.


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